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Greetings and welcome to the Colonic Institute of West Hartford.

The Colonic Institute is committed to helping spread awareness to the community about the importance of a healthy colon and living a more vibrant, positive and balanced lifestyle. We work in conjunction with many Holistic Healers, Naturopathic Doctors, MD’s, and Chiropractors to help our clients achieve optimum health. The main belief is that health and vitality begins with a healthy colon and proper diet. We strive to teach our clients about eating a more alkaline diet, eating foods in the proper food combinations and eating according to ones blood type. We help them to explore their relationship with food and make them more knowledgeable about how the foods that we eat can act like “medicine” rather than “poison.” We believe in helping our clients lead a more balanced life and teach the importance of eating whole foods and the power of proper colon health as a powerful tool to leading a healthy & vibrant life.

At the Colonic Institute we hope to inspire people with our intense passion for what we do and teach people never to take ones health for granted. We practice with complete love and compassion, and in return receive the greatest gift in life—helping people heal, emotionally, spiritually, and physically.

The tasteful décor, serene environment and nurturing care of our staff, all combine to make a truly pleasurable experience. Our attention to detail, nurturing ambience and over 20 years of hand on experience is what set us apart.

Our wonderful staff is all female and licensed by I-ACT (International Association of Colon Therapists). We uphold the highest standards in our practice and use the most technologically advanced FDA equipment available in the US. The “Toxygen” system utilizes a triple filtration system, carbon, and UV filter, as well as disposable tubing to assure proper sanitation for our clients. The “Pressurized - Closed System” guarantees that every session is 100% odorless. Our therapists are trained with a “slow-fill” technique that maximizes the comfort of the client, while achieving outstanding results..

We have now launched G-glo Juice Fast - a Certified Organic Juice Cleanse to help get your health and body back on track. 3 & 5 day cleanses available. For more information or inquire about pick up locations in CT or for delivery options please visit for more info and ordering details.

By appointment only, Monday – Saturday, please call our office.

To schedule an appointment in our West Hartford clinic for one of our services call 860-521-8831: When contacting our office and you reach our voicemail, please leave detailed information letting us know your availability and the date and time you would like an appointment. Please also which service you are interested in and if you are are new or a repeat customer. A certified therapist will call you back by the end of business day with a confirmation. We check our messages throughout the day and in between clients. Your call is very important to us and we will respond promptly. Thanks for your cooperation and we look forward to serving you.


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